socialbox for marketing campaigns

socialbox for marketing campaigns

socialbox for marketing campaigns

Considering a nationwide campaign? If you would like to be where your target audience is, engage with it in a fun and attractive way and collect valuable data on him – SocialBox is your holistic solution!

Take your audience to a new dimension by superimposing campaign messaging and information on the box as users look and interact through their smartphones.

The best part is that your campaign doesn’t just stay at the venue, it transcends through social media via Facebook and Twitter–all tagged and covered with your brand identity.

SocialBox For Marketing Campaigns from Digital Dinosaur Company on Vimeo.

Asking for donations has never been easier! SocialBox is equipped with touchscreen technology to collect donations while patrons are engaged with your campaign and positive messaging. In just a few fun and simple clicks, your supporters can learn about your cause and make a donation.

We know what people love when they go out with friends. Group selfies! So let’s give them what they want – and extend your campaign online through their networks.

Knowledge is power and we want you to know as much as you can about your consumers while on site. Introduce compelling surveys to learn about your market.

Give your audience celebrity status at the event on the big-screen filled with pictures and videos snapped inside of SocialBox™.

Engage your audience at all moments with our on-the-spot mobiles to screen technology, take the opportunity to gain insights through polls while providing an additional avenue for entertainment.


Cinematographer: Tim Cofield

Post-Production: Digital Dinosaur Company